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Wreck, Tear and Lily at the Beach by spongesquirrel44 Wreck, Tear and Lily at the Beach :iconspongesquirrel44:spongesquirrel44 4 2
My stuff in chronological order.


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Genderbent Reptiles

-Aster Plush (Lily Plush)
-Crak Taceous (Tear Dactyl)
-Tyra Rex (Wreck the Tyrannosaurus)

I had tons and tons of fun drawing these out, and they turned out so well, all things considered!!

I hope you guys enjoy them as well
Definitely look forward to more pics featuring these versions of my 'Reptiles' characters in the future~~!

((The only really huge thing I'd change is that I'd want Crack to look more distinct from Tear; I'll work on it for the next pic))

Ballerina Tear

The final pic in my trio of pics featuring my 'Reptiles' characters in a ballet pose and outfit

Tear seems to have a bit of trouble reaching the rail, but it's no problem some stuff she found in the garage can't fix

Ballerina Lily
Pic two of a series of three, featuring my 'Reptiles' characters
Lily's lanky body was really, really interesting to pose in this way
It was tough nailing some of the anatomy in exactly the way I wanted it, and I still don't think I got it 100 percent, but here it is anyway
Ballerina Wreck
I plan on drawing all my 'Reptiles' character in ballet poses and outfits over the next few nights
I'm not sure where the idea came from exactly, but it came to me and I thought it might be cute, especially if it's something all three of my characters can get into

Next up is Lily, and she's going to probably have the most dynamic pose of all three characters
Miserysteaparty Gift Doodles
A doodle of Lily Plush and MiserysTeaParty 's character: Gidget Q Meowskewitz

It was a ton of fun making this. Gidget is a super, super cute character with lots of awesome, adorable details

I absolutely recommend you guys all give MiserysTeaParty  a follow if you like adorable, super toony art galore

(Also, Lily's outfit here is based on the one MiserysTeaParty gave her in his drawing featuring my 'Reptiles' characters... thank you again so, so much~!)



1.You must post these rules!

2.Answer the questions that the tagger set up for you, and create 10 new questions for the people you tag to answer.

3.You have to choose 10 people to tag and post their icons on your journal. **EDIT BY SPONGESQUIRREL44: (I'm a cheater... Sorry...)**

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Questions for me from :iconkrystalfan-2:

1) Whatcha up to right now?
Mmm... not too much, I suppose, but thank you very much for asking <://)

2) Do you have any hobbies?
Sure! Video Games, mostly, but it's all okay

3) What is your 8th favorite milkshake flavour?
Shamrock Shake falls under all denominations

4) Do you have a show that you simply must watch?
This certainly doesn't have to apply to anyone other than this end's self, but My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic has changed my life. Which... may sound strange, and that's understandable. Sorry...

5) Have a favorite cannon pairing?
Spike and Rarity for sure, b... but also Crash and Tawna Bandicoot, Pepe le Pew and Penelope Pussycat, and Diddy and Dixie Kong

6) Favorite OTP?
(Pulls out list) WELL lets see... (Looks down as it falls in front of legs) ... Too much o///o Sorry...
Pinkie Pie and Discord, Spongebob Squarepants and Sandy Cheeks, Felicia and Jon Talbain, Smarty Smarts and Octocat, Applejack and Rarity, Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash, Rainbow Dash and Applejack, Spike and Pinkie Pie... and... others that cannot be thought of at this moment, but will be updated if any are found. Sorry...

7) How long on average can you sleep?
Up to 12 Hours, but Sleep is somewhat... "Planned" on some days before heading out, if that's okay. X//D

8) Can you tell I can't think of questions?
... o///o Uhm...
Maybe...? I'm not too sure which answer you would like to hear... NOT TO ASSUME YOU'D LIKE A 2 SIDED ONLY ANSWER, though <8///c I'm so sorry...!

9) Would you believe that I spelled "hyperventilates" correctly, but I can never spell "completely" right without spellcheck?
.... U... uh...

I'm not too sure... <://c Sorry, again...

10) Do you like octopus's or squids more?

New Questions:

1) What is your name backwards? It can be any name or Username you would like, and from any site if you wish to remain anonymous. It's all absolutely fine

2) Best Quote from anything in your opinion?

3) Favourite colour, or colours?

4) Best feeling you've ever had

5) Greatest Nostalgic feelings


7) Guilty Pleasures

8) Tell me about your personality

9) Would you rather be injected with a Serum that would allow you to concur your worst nightmares at the expense of having to experience them at random, or be injected with one that would allow you to live out the best Dream you've wanted only once, and have the remainder of time be nothing at all?

10) Something you're proud of
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